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A group of teenage boys in school uniform hugging in a circle
The name Amberleigh Care in purple and green colours with the word 'be' highlighted and the tagline 'because we care'

Amberleigh Care

Specialist therapeutic residential care and education provider. Approved supplier to all Welsh local authorities. Working with boys, 11-18 who are 'looked after' by social services. Established in 2004, national reputation for excellence.

We are a national centre of excellence in therapeutic residential care and education. We have two locations - either site of the Wales/England border and both provide a large group living home (up to 19 and 12 boys) with our own independent school and team of therapists and psychologists.

We work with a very defined group of boys, and a very defined practice model - we are experts at what we do and have a national reputation.

We are a small private service, where the directors all work full time in the service - finance, social work and psychology.

We are very different to the vast majority of residential childcare services. We are not a corporate entity.

The work is very varied, rewarding and provides the chance to really make a difference through the use of relationships. It can be demanding (as any parent will tell you!) but our boys make amazing progress with us and go on to live successful lives.

There is full training and a lot of support and development - many staff have been with us for several years, but this is not work that everyone wants to do, or is able to do. It takes all sorts of people to be in our teams - you must be a driver over 22yrs old, but we are interested to hear from a wide range of ages, genders and experiences. The boys need a range of role models - do you think you are one of them?

Salaries start at over £20k per annum for unqualified and over £22k per annum for those with 2 years prior experience

Come and find out more about what we do and we look forward to meeting you


Therapeutic Carer - Day team

Full and Part Time roles available in our well structure team.
We have roles for people new to the work and also for those who might have some existing experience

3 week rolling rota, a mix of 15 and 8 hour shifts to average 40 hours per week. Very varied duties - no two days are ever the same, parenting and supporting children, nurture, care, activities, homemaking, gardening, sports, outdoors, movie nights, domestic routines - all the parenting and caring for children roles that you would expect.

Its a fun and busy place - the boys are in our school full time, have homework, wear uniform, very high attendance and achievement.

the therapists are part of the team - so as well as 1:1 therapy, everything we do in our routine and how we talk to each other is rooted in therapeutic work. We use relationships to help the young people recover from their early life experiences

The team is made up of a wide range of people with different skills and interests - that's what we need.

We are looking for people who are calm, patient, with a good sense of humour - and it goes without saying, you need to like being around young people (not everyone does and that's ok!)

Therapeutic Carer - Night team

Our Waking night carers work in small teams of 2 or 3.

They have an enhanced rate of pay to the day staff in recognition of the anti-social hours, and they work 4 night on and 4 nights off (giving an average of 35 hours a week).

Night carers are primarily there to keep the boys and house safe overnight - to attend to any children who might wake or need anything during the night. This doesn't actually happen that often - but its very important for the boys to know that someone is there, awake and thinking of them.

The 'down time' that this creates is used to really help maintain the house - the day staff clean and tidy as they go along, but the quiet times allow for proper cleaning, sorting, sometimes baking/ cake making, attending to projects and activities, assisting with paperwork....all the things that it's hard to do when everyone is under your feet!

the last part of the 'night' is helping with the process of boys getting up and ready for school

The day staff 'handover' when you arrive to work, and then in the mornings the night team 'handover' to the staff for the day

The night team have access to exactly the same training and support as the day team.

Talk to us today!

Trudie Jenkins
HR Manager

Trudie is our HR Manager and has been with the service for almost 4 years. She physically works across the two sites and knows the staff and boys on a first name basis and has a great experience of the 'atmosphere' of our two communities. For interested applicants, Trudie is a great person to give a 'lay persons' perspective on what the work is like day to day

Yr enw Amberleigh Care mewn lliwiau porffor a gwyrdd a’r gair 'be' wedi’i uwcholeuo a’r arwyddair ‘because we care’
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