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A landscape of a field containing several cows.

Chilly Cow Ice Cream Ltd

Chilly Cow Ice Cream is a family run business who use fresh milk from our family farm to manufacture and distribute ice cream to the hospitality, retail and tourism sectors

The farm has been in the Taylor family for over 40 years and is nestled in the foothills of the Clywdian Range, North Wales.
The farm has a herd of 90 Brown Swiss cows which may not be the most common of breeds in Wales but with their brown coats and fluffy ears, produce delicious milk that is higher in Butter fat than most cows; perfect as we found out, for yummy ice cream! We also love talking about our heritage as farmers, the landscape our cows graze and the benefits that dairy farms bring to the local economy and the jobs that the farm creates.
Chilly Cow is committed to the community and local trade, supporting local businesses where possible and actively promoting local trade and commerce. Each Ice Cream flavour is carefully considered, developed and taste tested (we usually have lots of volunteers for that bit!) We hope you love our ice
cream as much as we do!

Anna & David


Sales and Marketing Assistant

Chilly Cow Ice Cream is a family run business supported by a small but committed team. We are in the process of significantly increasing our production capacity and need extra help to spread the love of Chilly Cow across the North and Mid Wales communities. Out Chilly Cow family includes out team and our customers – are you the right person to join our team, get to know our existing customers and identify and secure the right type of new wholesale opportunities to support our growth?

Talk to us today!

Anna Taylor

Owner and director Anna is keen to chat with anyone interested in working with Chilly Cow, we hope to recruit fun loving and hard working individuals who are considering longer term employment goals

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