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Enterprise Blaenau Gwent is a new WCVA Active Inclusion Project supporting individuals 25yrs+ who are experiencing difficulties and facing barriers moving their business idea and dreams forward.
The Enterprise Blaenau Gwent team will assist people to take their ideas further, in a supportive and accessible environment. 
Together, we will help to explore business ideas and provide support through all stages, including the financial challenges, to see if this can work for them.

Enterprise Blaenau Gwent

Our Project supports people aged 25+, who may find getting a traditional job difficult due to their current circumstances. Do you have a dream or idea for a small business; that’s where we can help!


Talk to us today!

Carmel Barry
Enterprise Advisor

Carmel is experienced in helping you to understand what is needed to take your business ideas forward.
She is patient and actively listens to what you have to say.
She is able to emphasise and understand the life challenges and barriers you face, that can stop you from starting a business or getting your ideas started.

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10:00 - 12:00


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