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Hyfforddiant Ceredigion Training

HCT offers a wide range of training programmes, traineeships
(Level 1) and apprenticeships (Level 2 and 3) to the people of Ceredigion.

Learners can enrol on Traineeship (Level 1) or Apprenticeship programmes (Level 2 & 3), with support given to find work placements and securing a full-time job.

Subjects we offer:
• Business Administration
• Carpentry
• Childcare
• Electrical Systems
• Hairdressing
• Plumbing
• Vehicle Maintenance
• Welding/engineering

Traineeships (Level 1)
Once you have chosen a ‘vocational route’ you wish to pursue, we will work with you to find a suitable work placement to enable you to complete a Level 1 qualification. We will also provide you with the support and assistance you may require in order to secure full-time employment.

Apprenticeships (Level 2 & 3)
We are able to offer a wide range of vocational apprenticeship courses to those in employment, who are looking to gain vocational skills qualification/s. If you don’t currently have a job, but would like to apply for an apprenticeship course, please contact us as we retain a list of employers that are actively looking for apprentices.

Engagement Programme
We also work with people who don’t yet know what career they wish to pursue and offer an "engagement" programme that prepares young people (16-18 year olds) for employment via CV writing, job searching and undertaking essential skills and employability lessons. Whilst on this 3 day a week course (21 hours), learners can receive up to £30 a week and have help towards travel costs.


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