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Motivational Preparation College of Training (MPCT)

The MPCT is a thriving and distinguished training provider having been graded as outstanding in all areas by Ofsted and, most recently, being named as the TES Training Provider of the Year 2017.

Since 1999, MPCT has been helping young people from all kinds of backgrounds to achieve their career ambitions. We’re passionate about removing barriers to success and motivating our Learners on a fresh journey to being the best they can be, whatever their past education experience.

Our approach is simple. We treat every Learner as an individual and we set them on an inspiring learning and development path that will help them achieve their potential. All our instructors have served in the British Armed Forces. They are highly trained, highly motivated and take great pride in the results they achieve for our Learners.

With a specially tailored curriculum, blending a strong sport and physical content with classroom and online learning, all matched to the pace of each Learner’s needs, MPCT is unique. Experiencing a sense of belonging in an environment that’s safe, caring, positive and supportive, 97% of Learners would recommend MPCT to their friends and over 90% of Learners progress to their goals in employment or further training and education.

Applicants to the Armed Forces have a much greater chance of success through MPCT than through direct entry. For our Learners who choose a different career path, the skills, qualifications and confidence they gain from MPCT open doors to futures they may never before have thought possible.


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Ian Shaw
Employer Engagement Manager

Prior to joining MPCT, I enjoyed a varied and eventful 26-year military career. Since joining MPCT I have occupied various roles from College Manager, Regional Operations Manager, Liaison Manager and now Employer Engagement Manager for Wales. I have found all my roles within MPCT very rewarding, inspiring and certainly believe we are making a big difference to young people’s lives.

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