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North Wales Training

North Wales Training is committed to helping people gain skills and qualifications for employability, so that they are equipped for productive, sustainable, and fulfilling employment in a modern economy.

Over 38 years the company has raised the prospects of thousands of people and businesses on its own and in partnership with leading education providers, always keeping step with the times. It draws on its rich heritage and wealth of experience to offer a comprehensive range of high-quality innovative programmes, training, and job opportunities. As we navigate another challenging decade, the staff at North Wales Training continue to work tirelessly in pursuit of the company’s vision, that "all our learners will succeed."

North Wales Training deliver:
• Apprenticeships
• Traineeships
• Military Traineeships
• Employability



Apprenticeships help you earn while you learn, and the government and your employer support with the costs. They are a really popular career route nowadays, since:

Most of the time they are free, with funding from the Government.
There’s dozens to choose from covering most occupations.
They’re set at different levels to suit your particular needs, from GCSEs, NVQs, even up degree.
You retain all the benefits of being a fully paid employee.
They’re a great alternative to full-time study, and don’t load you with debt.
An accredited apprenticeship provider like us will provide you with lots of support and guidance.

We’ve successfully supported thousands through our apprenticeship programmes. We know our onions (and will help you get to know yours if you choose a career in catering).

We can work with you and your employer to deliver an Apprenticeship relevant to your job and level. If you’re not yet in a job we will help you to find a suitable employer apprenticeship vacancy.


Traineeships are a great way of starting a career if you’re a 16-18 year old and not in work or education. We set up proper work experience training for you in a real-world environment. With our support and guidance you’ve everything you need to jump into your chosen career.


Whether you have an idea of your preferred pathway or simply need help deciding, one of our friendly staff will be delighted to help you get clearer and advise you on how we can support you to achieve your career goals.

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Chris Ellis
Sales Operation Manager

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