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Delivering individually tailored care packages with the aim of enabling and increasing independence, allowing people to remain living in their own homes, surrounded by the memories they treasure.
Providing Care and Support to individuals in their own homes.

Premier Care Plus Ltd

We provide care and support to clients in their own homes. We have built our business on our commitment to change the way care is delivered. Our flexible approach allows us to support our clients in their day to day living.

If you are looking for a career in Care then you are in the right place. If you think that you have what it takes to make a positive impact on peoples lives then working as a care professional with Premier Care Plus could be your right choice.


Home Carer

More than just a job! It’s a recipe for a fun and a satisfying career.

We have all cared for someone at a time in our lives… now make it a career – you don’t need experience - we will develop the skills that you already have.
What our staff say;
• It’s great that I can work flexible hours and work around my family
• I enjoy talking about people’s life experience
• I like to make a difference just by being myself
• I enjoy learning new things
• I love being part of a team that feels like a family
•. People say I am patient, compassionate and a good
What our clients say;
• You make my day
• You help me stay at home
• You are one in a million
• You love talking and spending time with me

We have built our business on our commitment to change the way care is delivered. Our flexible approach allows us to deliver the right care at the right time – putting clients at the heart of everything we do.
Within our team there is a real sense of family – supporting each other and listening to what everyone has to say.
We are looking for people with a zest for life and the passion to build relationships and trust.
We offer;
• Excellent rates of pay
• Attendance and overtime bonus’
• Training programme
• Career progression
• Flexible hours

It’s all about people not paper – we don’t need a CV just a chat so to find out about the opportunities we have.

Please call 01352 758444 or email

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