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Veterans who have been supported into employment by The Poppy Factory
The logo of The Poppy Factory employment support charity for veterans with health conditions.

The Poppy Factory: Ex-Forces Employment Support

The Poppy Factory supports ex-Forces job seekers across Wales on your journey into employment, helping you overcome any barriers. Whatever your situation, our employment team is there to offer one-to-one support.

Veterans are at the heart of our service. We empower you to plan your own future.

We help ex-Forces job seekers of all ages. Four out of five of the veterans we work with report a mental health condition. The people we support move into a range of jobs across many different sectors, from logistics and construction to the charity sector and health care.

The Poppy Factory has been supporting veterans for nearly 100 years. We continue to stand by you on your journey into employment and beyond.

Support into employment

• Advice on job opportunities to match each veteran’s own skills and goals.
• Support with CVs, job application forms and preparing for interviews.
• Support with training and qualifications when they are needed for a role, including securing funding.
• Signposting and referrals to partner organisations, with regular joint working.

In-work support

• Regular contact with veterans after moving into employment, for up to 1 year.
• Help identifying any workplace adaptions to ensure veterans can stay in work.
• Working with veterans and their employers to overcome barriers and find solutions, with a focus on coaching, mentoring and guidance.
• Contact with health professionals and partner organisations to ensure veterans have consistent support.


Employment support from The Poppy Factory

Have you served for one day or more in the Armed Forces or Reserves?

Do you consider yourself to have a mental or physical health condition? This does not need to be linked to your time in service.

Are you unemployed and thinking about moving back into work? We may also be able to help if you are being made redundant, are absent through long-term sickness, or your role negatively impacts your health.

If so, please ask about our one-to-one employment support.

Talk to us today!

Kirsty Gronow
Employment Consultant, The Poppy Factory

I provide one-to-one employment support for members of the Ex-Forces community in Wales. I'm looking forward to meeting veterans and exploring how I can help you think about moving into a new job or career.

Kirsty Gronow, The Poppy Factory
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